Find out how to improve your web personalisation to deliver a better experience and roi

How a scientific approach to web personalisation can deliver significant positive returns for marketers. Learn about:

  • The differences between a traditional marketing approach and a scientific approach

  • The common pitfalls of deploying web personalisation programmes

  • How Customer Data Platforms can contribute to success

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Breaching the Data Dam - Part 1

Part One of our two-part look at the data technology required to support modern customer experience programmes. Marketing technology is a hot discussion topic at a senior level in most enterprises, particularly between CMOs and CIOs. A common question that comes up from the IT side in these discussions is “Why do I need yet another data platform?” In reality, that’s the wrong question because: IT does not need another data platform, Marketing needs a dedicated one.

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Damian Williams
Marketing Data Platforms - Part 2

In Part Two of our examination of the data technology required to support marketing programmes in a digital world, we look at where data platforms fit in the maze of modern MarTech. 

  • What are the key types of MarTech and AdTech platform that handle data?

  • What are the major differences between platforms?

  • How can enterprise marketers choose the right platform for their needs?

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Damian Williams
Modern marketing decision-making

Why a centralised approach to decisioning is not necessarily the best for marketing. Read on to learn more about:

  • The three key types of decision in digital marketing

  • The pitfalls of centralised decisioning

  • Common tensions between Marketing and IT

  • The advantages of taking a decentralised approach

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Damian Williams
Unlocking customer data - How to drive customer experience transformation using data from legacy systems

Digital-led customer experience transformation is one of the hottest topics for CMOs in today’s market. According to IDC, over two thirds of global enterprises are looking to make the strategic shift from traditional to digitally-led strategy, with over one third expecting to have fully adopted digital transformation by the end of this financial year. Read on to see how you can transform your customer experience without breaking your systems.

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Jodie Beckett