Fulcrum Hub "Kea" Release

In June we will be deploying the Fulcrum Hub “Kea” release, our second major release of the year. This release brings the Hub to life with major usability and performance improvements and extends our levels of configurability. 

KEA release trimmed.png

New features and enhancements contained in this release

  • Concurrent Processing - With the implementation of a queuing system, we are now able to run multiple jobs concurrently, which will increase the Hub’s already fast processing time and allow for both horizontal and vertical scaling to further increase its performance.

  • Hub API v1.0 - In order for our customers and our own applications to interact more efficiently with the Hub we have released the first version of the Hub API.  This version of our API provides the ability to view and modify a limited set of the Hub’s functionality and to monitor its processing.

  • Hub Web UI v1.0 - To enable our customers to be able to better monitor and operate their Hub instances we have released the first version of our Web UI.  This release is focused on supporting the functionality of the first version of the API.  

  • Hub Data Visualiser v1.0 - The power of leading open-source analytics and data visualisation tool Grafana has been integrated into the Hub’s Web UI to give its users the ability to create a wide range of engaging graphs and reporting dashboards from the data the Hub holds.

  • Configurable channels - new Hub channels can now be created and modified through the Hub Web UI instead of them having to be created by Fulcrum. This enhancement has major productivity benefits as it enables Hub customers to add, enable, disable and modify Hub data sources and sinks (channels) without any need to contact Fulcrum.

New integrations to the Hub

  • Google Analytics integration - The Hub can now pull data from Google Analytics and ingest it for decisioning, reporting and export. This adds to the Hub’s existing Adobe Analytics support and allows it to use either or both of the 2 main web analytics platforms as data sources.

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration - The Hub can now pull and push data to and from the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.  This allows the Hub to enrich its own customer records with CRM data and to enrich the CRM records with the Hub’s data. 

  • Delacon Call Tracking Service integration - The Hub can now pull data from the Delacon Call Tracking service to provide visibility into inbound calls generated from paid digital media campaigns.

  • Shoretel Unified Communications Server integration - The Hub can now ingest call logs from the Shoretel Unified Communications Server to allow it to attribute in and outbound calls with leads and customers to further enrich the customer records that it holds.  

Bug fixes contained in this release

  • Vacuum command bug where it could make DB slower

  • SFTP command timeout which could lead to the Hub blocking indefinitely

  • SFTP command to download only files

  • Logging bug where a job could fail on some environments