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We’re a team of game-changers, digital strategists, marketing technologists and data scientists. But above all, we’re passionate about creating solutions that help you maximise your potential.

But we started with just one customer and a big problem.

They wanted better quality data to run their campaigns, but they were put off by the cost and complexity of the options available at the time.
Could we, they asked, come up with a cost-effective solution where they could control the data, quickly deploy and run campaigns and measure ROI?

We were confident we could meet the challenge with a solution that let marketers focus on doing what they love. It was only after we’d solved the problem we realised we’d created a great CDP.

From cracking that first problem, the n3 Hub CDP has been deployed by leading companies in Australia and New Zealand, proving itself time and again in highly regulated industries such as finance and insurance. So, if you have a data problem to solve, let’s talk it over. There’s a good chance we’ll have the solution.